Vaqif Aware; Acquainted

Vasim Handsome; Appealing; Honest

Vazid Add Meaning

Vazir Minister

Vehan Power; Intelligent

Vidun Great Balance

Vihan Intelligent; Morning Dawn; God’s

Viqar Dignity; Modesty

Vaheed Single; Unequalled

Vaquar Self-respect; Dignity

Vaseem Graceful; Handsome; Innocent

Vashim Handsome

Vazeed Add Meaning

Vazeem Graceful

Vazeer Minister

Veehan Morning Growing; First Ray of the Sun

Vishtasb Golden

Vizarath Helpful

Valiuddin One Man Army; Vivan

Vaseeulla Highlight

Vasiuddin Faithful

Vikharath Messenger of Allah; Great

Vahidullah One Belief of Allah


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