Ghaith: Rain.
Ghalib: Victor.
Ghanem: Successful.
Ghannam: Shepherd.
Ghasaan: Old Arabic name.
Ghauth: Helper; Defender.
Ghawth: Help; succour.
Ghayoor: Self-respecting.
Ghazalan: Spinner.
Ghazanfar: Lion.
Ghazawan: Warrior; companion of Muhammad(Saw).
Ghazi: Conqueror; warrior.
Ghazzal: Name of a reciter of the Quran.
Ghiyath: Aid; Succourer.
Ghufran: Forgiving; to conceal.
Ghulam: Slave; Servant.
Ghunayn: One who collects booty.
Ghusharib: Brave.
Ghusun: Branches of a tree.
Ghutayf: Affluent.
Gohar: Diamond; precious stone.
Gulab: Rose.
Gulfam: Rose faced.
Gulshan: A flower Garden.
Gulzar: A Garden; an inhabited town.

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