Za’nyah Exquisite, exceptional

Zaahirah Guest

Zaara Beautiful Flower

Zaeemah Leader

Zafeerah Company

Zafirah Victorious

Zafreen Victorious, Knowledgable

Zahabiya Gold

Zahara Flower, attractiveness, celebrity

Zaheen Intelligent

Zaheerah Helper, Assistant

Zahida Abstinent

Zahira Blossoming blossom

Zahira Obvious

Zahra Beautiful

Zahraa Lady of Jannah

Zahrah Beauty, the world venus

Zaida She had been a Really dedicated worshipper concerning whose sin that the Prophet
(S.A.W) also learned; she had been the freed slave of Sayyidina Umar bin al-

Zaina Beautiful

Zainab Daughter of the prophet (PBUH), Decorated or ornamented tree

Zairah Visitor

Zaiton Olive

Zakia Beautiful, intelligent

Zakirah One that remembers Allah frequently

Zakiyah Intelligent

Zalfa This is the title of a renowned woman of the days, she had been
Hajib Called Umm al-Hajib Abdul Malik

Zameelah Companion

Zameena Intelligent, Intellectual

Zamrud She was a narrator of Hadith

Zanyah Beautiful blossom

Zara Bright since the sunrise

Zareen Total of expression and grin

Zareena Gold

Zareenah A founder of Prophet (S.A.W)

Zarifah Beauty, intelligent

Zarina Beautiful

Zariya Beauty and mild

Zariyah Queen

Zarmina Lovely and valuable gold

Zarqa Blue

Zarrah She was a narrator of Hadith

Zartaj Queen

Zayaan Something amazing

Zayba Adornment; Beauty

Zaynab Suitable Title, Title of Prophet’s Daughter

Zaynah Beautiful

Zaytoon Olive

Zaytoonah (Just one ) Olive

Zeba Beauty

Zeena Ornament, Something amazing

Zeenat Gorgeous

Zehna Beautiful

Zehra Flower

Zenia Flower

Zerina Princess, Smart, Intelligent

Zhalay Dew

Zinah Beauty

Zineta Beautiful decoration

Zinneerah Title of a sahabiah

Ziyan Beauty, decoration. By Zeenat

Zoeya Life

Zoha Light

Zoharin Dawn, light daily

Zohha Hope, Shining light

Zohra Venus, stones of skies

Zohura Beautiful, innocent and affectionate

Zonira Precious Stone, Expensive Jewel

Zorah Dawn

Zoufishan Moonlight

Zoya Loving & affectionate, Alive, lifestyle and joyous

Zubaria Allergic blossom

Zubash Silver

Zubaydah This is the title of this girl of Jafar Mansoor along with the spouse of
Khalifah Haroon Rasheed

Zubdah Butter

Zubi Loving and Comprehension

Zuhaira Courage

Zuharah Earth Venus

Zuhayra Courage

Zuhera Title of a world

Zuhra A celebrity’s name, genius

Zuhrah Brilliance

Zuhur Flowers

Zulaykha She was a narrator of Hadith

Zulekha Fantastic beauty

Zulfa First section of this Evening

Zulfah Nearness, proximity

Zumzum Sweet water paradise

Zunairah Flower located in heaven

Zynah Beautiful

Zyva Brightness, glowing, splendor


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